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Vick crimes

Like others, I dont think Vick is sorry for his crimes, only sorry he got caught. His words in interviews sound scripted and rehersed. He knows he's got to play the redemption card in order to get a fat contract and get back to break even with his creditors.

When I look at his face, his eyes...he is angry. Yes, he has to appear serious on air, but the look is cold. I think he harbors a lot of anger for those that ruined him. I would want to be a former business partner.

I also this he couldn't care less about the animals he destroyed and would still be doing it if there were no consequences. Who picks running a dog-pit on their farm/property for entertainment? Was he trying to make money??? What is the risk/reward in fighting pit-bulls?

His childhood must have been really screwed up. No father figure or something. Maybe he was taken to a dog-fight as a youth and got attracted to the scene. Lost all emphaty for living beings. Maybe he started frying ants with a magnifying glass, then sticking firecrackers in cat butts. 

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Horse Racing vs. Dog Fighting

The common link between these two is Gambling. One is regulated by the state to ensure fairness of treatment to both bettor and beast. The other is a private operation unsanctioned, unregulated and thereby, illegal. Vick went to jail because he was holding gambling operations on his property and he was making a book. If you make a book and generate income, it's tax evasion. In doing so, the state will persecute you with extreme prejudice. No exceptions. Being a NFL player/celebrity gives investigators added incentive to find evidence and bring about an indictment, as it is good press for them. Using dogs only makes it easier to convict, as judges know its upsetting to voters. The bottom line is that it is illegal gambling, and gambling is a crime unless the state is overseeing/governing it whether it be a church bingo, Powerball lottery, or riverboat/Indian casino. Vick was sold out by a losing bettor or a partner who felt he wasn't getting his cut of the action. Perhaps a dealer trying to catch some leniency with information. IMO, Vick should serve his full sentence. His disrespect of life and most importantly, the laws of Virginia should be example to other young men who think they are immune to them. PS. In the 1400's a law was set forth in England that a man was allowed to beat his horse with a stick no thicker than his thumb. Hence we have the term "the rule of thumb".
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